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The DIM weight refers to the dimensional weight of a package based on size rather than the measured "gross weight". To price international shipping, carriers charge the greater of measured weight or DIM weight based on the size of the box. DIM weight is calculated as (length × width × height) / (dimensional factor)

Dimensional factors are determined by each carrier, USPS may use 194 while FedEx Express uses 169. Your package DIM weight may vary by carrier for the same size box.

Yes, there is a heavy package surcharges applied to any packages 30 lbs or heavier.

Heavy Package Surcharge
  • Over 30 pounds – $10
  • Over 70 pounds – $20
  • Over 100 pounds – $30
  • Over 150 pounds – $50

Ja, du oder jemand von dir beauftragter (Freund, oder Familienmitglied) kann die Pakete persönlich bei uns im Warehouse abholen. Bitte wähle dazu als Versandart "Local Pickup" aus - stelle sicher dass die Zollinhaltserklärung ausgefüllt ist und dass du genügend Guthaben auf deinem Konto hast. Bei der Abholung musst du dich mit einem gültigen Lichtbildausweis ausweisen.

Normally there is no issue and the package will be entered into your account. However, if your package was delivered and is not entered into your account within 1-2 days, we will conduct an investigation.

If you don't see your package in your account within 2 days, please submit a support ticket providing the tracking number and any other additional information about your package to assist our investigation. There are additional fees incurred if your package arrives without the proper address, including your suite number.

We suggest you contact your carrier if there was an issue delivering your package. There are several factors that may contribute to an undelivered package. It's possible they delivered past our closing time or there was a collect-on-delivery (COD) fee.

Evet, paketler kontrol edildikten ve hesabınıza girdikten sonra size e-posta göndereceğiz.
Nachdem dein Paket im Warehouse angekommen ist musst du die Zollpapiere ausfüllen. Sobald das erledigt ist kannst du den Versand beauftragen.
Yes, we charge a $2.00 USD processing fee for each package we receive into your account. This fee is deducted from your balance when the package is mailed out or disposed. To cut down on these per-package processing fees, many retailers allow you to request your purchases be shipped in as few boxes as possible. For example, Amazon has an account preference titled "Group My Items into As Few Shipments As Possible," reducing the number of packages received. We also recommend consolidating multiple packages into a single box before mail out to save up to 80% on the cost of international shipping.